Loving sugar art, loving life!

Hello 🙂

I’m new here, and a little nervous too..

I used to be an advocate (who hated every moment of it); who became a stay-at-home-mom (who enjoyed it but needed something else too); who then became a cake artist (or well, a baker, decorator, call ot what you want, but I like the term artist hehe).

So this is just me, raising my children, trying to keep mr H happy, and doing what I love…this is me, learning to love life, exploring a dream ♡

So fingers crossed, hopefully I’ll be able to figure this blogging-thing out, and have a real blog post soon, and hopefully you will enjoy this life-loving-cake-journey too.

♡ Melissa

*The photo of the mermaid is one I made for my daughter’s birthday in January (2017)



  1. Welcome! Don’t worry, the blogging world is super friendly, there is always a helping hand. The mermaid is gorgeous. I like to use the term artist too! I’m currently doing a cake decorating course and also blogging about it which I’m really enjoying. Cake decor is awesome!

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