Elsa Fondant Transfer

I want to share with you my first ever fondant transfer, and how I made it. I made this quite a few months ago – long before I even dreamt of becoming a blogger – so I’m just using photies I took as I made it. Forgive me if they aren’t great, I will most definitely try and improve in future. In the meantime, I’ll try my best to explain what I did.

I printed a picture of Elsa I found on the internet (I resized it to the size I needed it to be).

I then cut it out, also cutting off her dress from the long drapey thing (but keeping that part too). I rolled out some flesh coloured fondant to about 5mm thick, and put the paper cut out on top of it, carefully cutting around it, and smoothing down the edges as I go. I then used my dresden tool to draw in the most important lines – where her arm, face, and neck would go.

I then used some light blue edible dust to colour in her dress. 

I started working on her facial features, carefully adding some lines with my dresden tool, and also adding some colour to her eyes and lips. I wasn’t completely happy with the colour of her dress, so I made it a little darker.

Then I used my paper template – the piece I cut off earlier – to cut the long drapey thingie the same way I did with her body.
I stuck it onto her, and coloured it with edible dust again, using a slightly different blue.

The last part was her hair; I coloured some fondant to a very light yellow, and rolling tiny teardrop shapes, positioning them how I think the hair would fall, also using my paper template as a guide.

I let it set firm overnight, and put it on my cake the next day.

When it was on the cake I played around with the different blues a little more, and also added some glitter to her dress.

My 5 year old daughter told me it doesn’t look like Elsa at all, but at least she’s pretty! Lol.


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