Shrek cake topper

I made a Shrek cake topper a while ago, and thought I’d share the process with you 🙂 

The client wanted to bake her own chocolate cake, and only needed a topper from me…of Shrek lying in the mud haha. For the photies I just put him in a bowl of brown sugar though.

For the head, take a ball of fondant and roll in into an egg shape. Press in two eye sockets with a ball tool, draw a line for the smile with a dresden tool, and roll 2 small and 1 larger balls for the nose and press them on; the 2 small ones forming his nostrils and the bigger one his nose.

Try to define his facial features a bit – drawing lines underneath where his cheecks would be, and pinch the fondant a bit above his eye sockets to form eyebrows. Also define his lips a little.

For his eyes, take 2 balls of white fondant,and press them into the eye sockets. Add brown circles inside them,and even smaller black circles in them. Roll 4 tiny green snakes and attach them above and below his eyes,to form eyelids. Using a very thin paint brush, paint thin black line around his eyes to give an impression of eyelashes. Also paint his eyebrows on the pinced area.

I used a light pink edible dust to give his cheeks a bit of colour, and also added a thin pink line to his lips.

To make his ears, roll 2 teardrop shapes and press a ball tool into the thicker end of each.

His arm is just 2 green snakes, bended where his elbows would be, and attached to the back of his head.

Attach ears to head and set aside to dry, supporting the ears if necessary.

His tummy is a ball of fondant rolled into a pear shape, squashed down a bit where his chest would be. Draw in 2 lines on each side to define his tummy,and give him a bellybutton using a toothpick.

To make his feet, roll 2 oval shapes, squash them down a bit and press them in the middle to shape them. Add toes (tiny fondant oval shapes, from big to small) and toenails (even smaller pieces of fondant, squashed down square-ish shapes.) They don’t have to be perfect at all, I have never seen Shrek’s toes, but I don’t think they are very pretty :p

Add all the bits and pieces to a chocolate cake,and there you have Shrek ,taking a lovely mud bath 🙂


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