How to make a rugbyball (football) cake

It’s been quite a while since my previous post, cake life has been busy (which is such a blessing), and if it’s not cakes, my little family has been keeping me busy also 😊

I thought I’d share with you how I made this rugbyball cake. I’m from South Africa, so what I know as rugby is a little different from American football, but at least the balls are quite similar, lol.

For starters, I stacked 4 layers of cake (I just used normal round cakes) and carved them to be oval shaped. I then rounded the top, and cut out some cake from the second layer from the bottom, to still have the round ball shaped curve, but I also wanted to have the ball part elevated a bit to make space for the scarf at the bottom without covering up the ball. Do spend some time on the pointy parts of the ball, make sure they are at the same height. If you want you can measure it, but I just eye-balled it, and it came out okay.

When you are happy with the shape, cover the whole thing in buttercream, trying to get it as smooth as possible.

You may use different colours than me, depending on your sport or team, but to make referencing easier, I’m just going to explain it with the colours I used.
I covered the whole cake with white fondant. It was not very easy, but was not overly concerned with the neatness of the bottom part, as it will be covered with a scarf.

I added the blue fondant, using a photo as a reference, and drew lines with my dresden tool where the seams would be. Then I went over those lines with a stitching tool.

I printed names and logos of the specific team off the internet, and pasted the edible prints on the cake using a tiny bit of water.
I rolled a long strip of blue fondant, adding white fondant stripes and printed logos according to the team’s clothes.

Add a name and age, and voila, there you have your ball cake 😆


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